We hope we have covered the majority of questions you may have initially. However if not, please feel free to contact us. Call Dave or Helen on 07890 613842 or 015395 34252 rachel@thepastures.co.uk, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


How can I view the site?
By an appointment. You can be absolutely sure there will be no hard sell. I am more than happy to arrange for you to chat to existing residents.

What do I need to do if I want to buy a lodge?
A non – refundable £1000 reservation fee is required to secure your plot. Exchange of contract is required within 8 weeks and completion negotiable thereafter. In fact it’s exactly the same as buying a house.

Do I have to buy a lodge from the owners of Blenkett Wood?
No – you can supply your own lodge. All we ask is that lodges are in keeping with the surroundings and other lodges on the park. If you decide to go for this option, we can provide further details of the costs involved.

Will I be able to get a Mortgage to buy my lodge?
Yes. Existing owners have arranged mortgages on these lodges previously; we also offer private fixed interest loans at 2%.


Do the lodges meet current British / building standards?
Yes. Our build specifications exceed the current building standards for caravans and timber frame buildings. They are fully transportable, and we are confident that you will not find better constructed lodges….. If you do please let us know.

Can I see my lodge being built?
You are welcome – in fact we encourage our lodge owners to view their lodge at all stages of the construction.

Can I design my own lodge?
Subject to adhering to the specifications that we’re obliged to follow but yes we are happy to provide you with a blank canvas, and encourage clients to research their ideas as far as possible before we commence building.

What’s the maximum size my lodge can be?
65ft x 22ft

What services are provided?
All lodges have water, mains gas, electricity, and mains sewerage and telephone infrastructure (provided by BT)

Why would I buy a lodge and not a house?
Our lodges are insulated to a better standard then many new houses currently being built. Running costs are substantially lower than standard brick built houses. In many other countries our lodges are considered the ‘norm’ as they are no longer built using traditional bricks as in the UK.

Leasehold v freehold.
Buying a freehold property will typically cost twice as much as one of our leasehold lodges. Our customers prefer to keep these funds, thus improving their day to day quality of life.

Is my lodge and Blenkett Wood safe?
We have a resident site manager; there is also a barrier (key fob operated).


How much does a lodge cost?
Lodges are unique – built on site to your specifications. Costs start from £100,000 and £195,000 depending upon your choice and size.

How much are the maintenance fees?
Currently they are £2,547.74 per annum for the 2021/22 season. The fees will only ever increase in line with the RPI and cover a 12 month season.

What other costs am I likely to incur?
Based on current price, you can expect to pay the following for full 52 weeks occupancy.
Insurance: £300 (approx)
Rates: £320
Water: £160
Fuel: Gas/Electric £1,500 (approx depending on usage)


How long will my lodge last for?
The materials we use: slate, Siberian Larch Douglas fir and Cedar, mean that, with proper maintenance, your lodge will last well over 100 years.

If I decide to sell my lodge, do I have to sell it to the park owners?
Unlike many other lodge parks, you are at liberty to sell your lodge privately (subject to certain conditions).

Will my lodge retain its value?
Without a doubt. Our experience shows that lodges increase in value in the same way as standard construction homes.. Such is our confidence in this statement, we are prepared to buy the lodge back at the sale price should you not be happy with your purchase.